Great Services Offered By Matador Farm

Lessons are available in a private setting on either your horse or one of our available school horses. All lessons last for an hour and require for the rider to have their own helmet and boots. For information on available lesson times and locations, please call or email us.


Matador Farm offers lessons to students of all ages and levels of experience. Whether you are an experienced competitor or weekend rider, Jessica can help you better communicate with your horse. There is nothing quite like building a partnership with an animal and earning a horse’s trust. A rider must learn how to gently maintain balance while effectively using their legs, body, and hands to convey commands. Instead of being a passenger or a dictator to your horse, a good rider is a leader. At Matador Farm, we believe learning how to be a leader to your horse helps you be a better leader in life. There are many lessons a child learns at a barn that are used in everyday life; lessons about teamwork, making goals, and overcoming fear and obstacles. However, it is not only a sport that can be enjoyed by kids. Adults will find riding to be a great way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. The flexibility of our three locations makes it easy for the busy professional to fit riding into their schedule. Whether you want to steal away to the quiet country for a ride, or want to take a lesson over your lunch break, Matador Farm can accommodate you. Contact Us today for information on pricing and available days and times.

Don’t have your own horse? That’s ok. We have safe lesson ponies and horses available.


Whether you have an unschooled youngster to be developed or a seasoned competition horse, Jessica can help you tailor a training program to fit your horse’s needs. The well-being of the horse, both physically and mentally, is paramount when putting together a training regimen and show schedule. Great care must be taken to ensure that there is a proper balance between showing, structured exercises in the arena, and time off. Two of our locations have access to endless trails. Trail riding is a great way for both horse and rider to relax and decompress between shows or after a demanding lesson. At Matador Farm, getting a horse out on the trails is part of our training program. It encourages soundness and keeps our show horses from getting ‘ring-sour’. At all three locations, we have both indoor and outdoor arenas in which to train, so your horse will remain fit no matter what the weather.

Developing young horses is something Jessica is passionate about. She has vast experience taking horses with no prior handling and turning them into reliable partners for amateur riders. Her methods are based on true horsemanship and gaining the trust of her horses. “In order to gain trust from your horse, you must first learn how to get their attention, which later turns to into respect, and eventually leads to trust. Once you have that trust, the real training happens,” says Jessica. If you are the owner of a talented young prospect, let Jessica show you how to turn it into a champion.


We attend both local and ‘AA’ shows throughout the midwest. From the short stirrup division to open jumpers, Matador Farm can help you reach your showing goals. We take a variety of horses and students of all ages and levels. If you are looking for a great team to have behind you, Matador Farm is your answer. For information on upcoming shows we are attending, please visit our Calendar.


Are you looking to purchase your next champion? Buying a horse is a big decision and one that can come with a lot of stress. Navigating the various horse dealers and breeders is tough without a consummate professional to help you. Jessica has a vast network of professions throughout the country to help you find your perfect match. From the early search to the vetting of your prospective purchase, Jessica is there every step of the way to guide you through your decision.

Have a horse you want to go to a good home? We can also help you find the perfect new owner for your horse. Jessica loves the challenge of matching the right horse to the right rider. When there is a good match, everything else seems to fall into place. Again, let Jessica’s vast network of professionals work for you towards placing your horse in the best home.


Two of our locations lie within the boundaries of beautiful Metamora Hunt country. If you have never experienced the thrill of foxhunting, let Matador Farm and the Metamora Hunt introduce you to some of the most fun you will ever have in the saddle. With access to reliable and safe horses for hunting, we can make sure your first experience in the hunt field is a fun and safe one. To learn more about the Metamora Hunt and the history of the club, please visit